Pretending to Reduce the Debt

It is amusing watching politicians claiming they are trying to reduce the national debt. They will pick on some microscopic expenditure like sex education and claim they are trying to save money, when cost saving has absolutely nothing to do with it. They have unacknowledged religious objections. On the other hand, all parties ignore the overwhelming expenses of the Afghan and Iraq wars and maintaining on offensive military. If they streamlined the military with the sole purpose of protecting the USA, they would have the debt solved with money left over. Politicians the wail about the expense of self-financing programs like old age security pensions and medical insurance as if the money spent were even theirs to redirect. Politicians refuse to close loopholes that allow big defence contractors like GE to pay no tax at all. That is a massive amount of money being deliberately bled away with no corresponding benefit.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)