God Explains Nothing

We know for sure that something exists. So the existence of something clearly is possible independent of whether we think it was possible or believe we know how it happened. Either the universe was always here, or it appeared spontaneously from nothing, or it was formed from some primal universe building stuff recycled from some previous universe. I can’t think of any other possibility, but there’s lots about the universe I don’t understand.

Even if you presume the assistance of a god in the creation process, the universe contains all that is, which would include any gods. So how did the universe get started to its first stage where it contained nothing but a god?

We are right back where we started. The catch is a universe containing only a god is a heck of a lot more complicated and improbable to just spring into existence than one without any gods containing just some hydrogen that math and physics that fits all the data. We have gotten rid of one messy problem and replaced it with an even bigger more difficult mystery. We are just spinning our wheels. The notion of god does not explain anything; it makes the puzzle even more difficult to solve. Christians like to pretend introducing the notion of god is the answer to the mystery, yet all they are doing is giving up on the problem as too intractable. They still have nothing to say about the origin of the universe. They have performed a bar bet trick.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)