Fixing Ambiguity

If A writes an explanation for B and B cannot understand it, or misinterprets it, usually, A will blame B 100% for the situation because B is an idiot. In turn B will blame A for 100% of the situation for being incapable of writing unambiguous prose. The bad feelings in both directions don’t do a thing to prevent a recurrence.

The goal is to modify the text so that most subsequent readers will easily and correctly understand it.

Unfortunately, it does almost no good to tell a writer a paragraph they wrote is ambiguous. They will simply tell you which interpretation they intended and leave the text as is. Your best bet to prod a correction is to offer a suggested unambiguous wording. Doing this work for the writer helps explain your objection clearly and gives them a labour-free way of fixing the text to your satisfaction.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)