Trump’s Chickens

This latest revelation about Hillary’s emails is not a scandal, not even a story. Trump said the latest batch of Hillary’s emails were the greatest scandal since Watergate. What is this scandal? Hillary sent her aide, Huma Abedin, some emails which the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) found on her computer that Abedin shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner, yes, Mr. Sexting. Nobody even looked at the emails to see if they contain anything embarrassing.

Trump is like a child who glances an envelope under the Christmas tree, then declares I am 110% certain. I have absolute proof, that this envelope is for me and it contains a pony certificate. Trump is not just counting his chickens before they hatch, he is counting them before they are even laid. He is a big fat liar trying to trick the public into thinking that sending an email is the crime of the century. He is banking on fooling the technopeasants. This man has no shame. Just as bad are the many Trump supporters who pretend to believe him.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)