Police Murders

Criminals killed 42 police officers in 2015 in the USA. In the same year, police killed 1,199 civilians. Trump supporters chastised Hillary for her concern for the 1,199 civilians. In their mind, only the deaths of the 42 police officers matter. The Trump supporters know perfectly well most of those the police killed were innocent, some were children and certainly not guilty of any capital crime.

This violence does not happen in other countries. Why? because in other countries almost nobody carries a gun. Surely all these lives matter. To save all those people, you’d think Trump supporters would be willing to give up the false security of gun-toting. Guns just create an arms race that makes life ever more dangerous. Just look at the stats of gun deaths in various countries. It is a bald faced lie that guns make you safer. They might make you feel safer in a gun-crazed world, but you are actually far more at risk than if the USA had gun-reducing policies like Canada or Sweden.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)