Unreasonable Copyright

The Americans are proposing a SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that will shut down any website that displays so much as one copyrighted image or copyrighted paragraph text without permission. Given that there is no way to tell if an item is copyrighted, this law makes no sense. If the government wants such a law it must provide a way for people to electronically register their copyrighted images, documents and sound files. Then all a webmaster has to do is submit each piece for a check. If the government says it is not copyrighted, he should me off the hook even if the government is wrong because someone managed to foil the checking software. There also needs to be a way for an author to electronically register his permission for someone to use material so that there is no confusion, both for individuals and for blanket permission. The whole law is insane. It punishes the innocent and lets off the wrong doers. For example, if an online magazine, bought a cartoon, then discovered the person they bought it from pirated it, the magazine did nothing wrong. It should not be punished. If there in no way to quickly determine if something is copyrighted, then it should up to the copyright holder to complain to the copyright violator. Only if the violator refuses to bring it down within a week after having received a registered letter, should the violator be liable. However, the goal should be to spread copyrighted material widely, with an automated small royalty to the author, not shutting down websites and restricting access.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)