Art Metaphor

There was once a young Republican who inherited an astounding collection of painting and art ranging from the stone age to the present day. He did not think of himself as their custodian, but as their owner. He felt he was entitled to do with them whatever he pleased. He owed nothing to his heirs. So he had an enormous fireplace built. He instructed his servants to keep a roaring fire going 24/7 fueled by the paintings. To supplement his supply of art work, he hired burglars to steal from other collections. He calculated, this way he could get all the art work in the world burned before he died. He discovered that when the paintings burned they emitted various poisonous substances such as lead, which impaired his health and made the fireplace room unlivable, but that did not deter his determination. This is precisely how the current generation of Republicans think about their global inheritance of oil.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)