Capitalism Only For The Poor

It is odd that people who consider bailing someone out with medical care when they fall on hard financial times is communism, worse than death, but when an investment house falls on hard times they are willing to hard over billions of public money to nurse it back to financial health. Why this compassion for inanimate corporations and such disdain for living beings? Self-interest? They want to be sure their investments are protected. If investments go badly, other people, via the government, should take the loss. If they go well, I should get to keep all the proceeds. Capitalism is supposed to be about reward for risk. That is not capitalism. You would think the blatant unfairness of their position would embarrass them. Similarly unions are disparaged for lack of competition, while mergers and acquisitions are fodder for the wealthy whose job is to defeat capitalism by reducing competition.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)