Killer Snake

If somebody told you a horse had taken its oats and dug little pits in a field and buried oats in the pits to eat later, you might be sceptical. If somebody told you a python had killed two prey and saved them both to eat later, you would say to yourself, that is not the way snakes behave. They always eat their prey immediately after killing it. Further, they take weeks or months to digest before feeding again.

On 2013-08-05, a 4.30 metres (14.11 ft) African rock python allegedly killed two sleeping boys in New Brunswick but did not eat them. This in the first time in recorded history anything like this has happened. The python was immediately executed before any investigation could be completed. The story in the news kept changing about where the snake lived and how it got to the boys.

On the other paw, a handler said the snake had a temperamental disposition and wasn’t used to being around humans.

On the other paw, pythons attack only when they feel threatened. Why would it be threatened by sleeping boys?

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) censored me when I tried to discuss this anomaly on their website. I think they were squeamish about the thought of a snake eating a child.

I would hope a full autopsy would ensure the children were not only asphyxiated, but asphyxiated by the snake executed for the crime by looking for scale prints on the boys’ necks and snake DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) traces. I just don’t want the book closed without an explanation for this mystery. My best explanation so far is when the snake fell from the ceiling vent it was badly frightened, which caused it to lash out.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)