People imagine that right after conception you have a tiny perfect baby waving its little arms about. This is simply not true. What you have is much closer to a microscopic spec of pond scum without a brain, without even a nervous system not even as alive as a fly. It makes no sense to treat it as if it were a fully formed human.

Christians believe is an imaginary liquid called the soul that enters bodies when they are only one cell. All their beliefs surrounding birth and death involve this imaginary soul. They talk about it so much they forget it does not actually exist, it was just some primitive speculation. They tell silly lies like science has weighed it. This imaginary soul is what gives a single cell full-human status.

The bible takes an extreme view on the human status of fetuses. A fetus is not a human until one month after birth.

As for giving the fetus exalted status based on potential, every sperm and egg has potential. Every stem cell has potential. In theory, every cell has potential. Monty Python spoofed this in the Every Sperm is Sacred song.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)