Ten Reasons I Don’t Like The Catholic Church

  1. The entire institution is dedicated to molesting and raping children and helping paedophiles get away with it.
  2. By telling lies and promising miracles, they con the poorest of the poor into handing over their meagre incomes
  3. They block gay equality, particularly marriage.
  4. They interfere with family planning and abortion of non-Catholics using threats and violence.
  5. They interfere with the end-of-life decisions of non-Catholics, forcing them to suffer no matter what.
  6. They interfere with organ donation and organ transplants.
  7. They profess poverty and giving to the poor, but in actuality, they live in extravagant pomp.
  8. They insist on teaching children junk science.
  9. They block measures to control bullies who go after kids presumed will grow up gay.
  10. Over history they have murdered and tormented scientists.
  11. They created the Spanish Inquisition and torture for people who questioned their arbitrary dogma.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)