Four Flavours Of Christian

I classify Christians into four groups:

  1. True Christians: They do their best to help out people in trouble. I just wish they did not kid themselves Yahweh is going to give them a gold plated Cadillac after they die for their good behaviour. What they are doing is just gullibility, working at a job and being cheated out of promised payment. They are very useful to society but not nearly as virtuous as they imagine themselves.
  2. Innocuous Christians: They claim to be Christian but behave exactly like normal people. I wish they would not lie. They don’t really believe any of the bullshit, so why must they pretend to? What they do is a bit like pretending to be a child molester.
  3. Christian Bigots: To these people, Christian doctrine is solely about harassing, beating up and killing blacks, Muslims, gays and other minorities. They feel smugly virtuous about it.
  4. Professional Christians: People who earn their livings by scamming people with classic Christian cons and by cheerleading for Christian bigots.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)