Runaway Population Growth

Three thousand years ago famine, disease or natural disaster could easily reduce populations to the point an entire village would go extinct. To counter, the moral leaders of the time exhorted people to have as many children as possible. The beliefs became frozen in the religions we live with today. However, today, we have the opposite problem, runaway population growth that is overwhelming earth’s ability to sustain us. Moral leaders in China are now exhorting people to have as few children as possible. As the threat rises we may find the churches advocating homosexuality as highly effective birth control method and a way to deal with the imbalance of males and females from parents choosing to have only a single male child. Imagine you, as a heterosexual, lived in that world. How would you feel about attempts to cure you to make you fit into a largely homosexual society? Likely, you would assert that nobody has the right to destroy your very identity. That is exactly how we homosexuals feel about meddling Christians and their bogus attempts to cure us.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)