Lillian Nadele

Lillian Ladele

A British Christian registrar (civil marriage officiator) Lillian Ladele refused to perform civil unions for gay couples. She is suing in the European Court of Human Rights for her right to discriminate.

That is about as peculiar as getting a job as a vet and refusing to treat dogs and cats.

She denies she is a homophobic bigot because her bigotry is motivated by Christianity. She is unaware that nearly all homophobic bigots are Christian or Muslim. I personally have received over 3,200 death threats from them. When bigots drag gays to death behind their pickup trucks they do it in the name of the same Christianity Ms. Ladele uses to justify her bigotry. The only difference is just how far she is willing to go in her vigilante punishment of gay people. She apparently has never been taught the history of how bigots used the bible to justify enslaving her African ancestors and generally mistreating them. It is odd, then, that she considers the bible sufficient moral justification for bigotry against gays, denying them the ordinary privileges of citizenship.

People who request civil unions usually have been rejected by the churches or whom have rejected the churches. Gays and atheists are the most obvious people in this category. Why would someone with rigid Christian views take up a profession of performing marriages the churches refuse to perform and may even consider invalid? She is a power tripper who enjoys making lives miserable for others. She is no victim. She deliberately put herself in a position where she could torment gays. She is motivated by malice, not religion.

Adjudicating this case will entail a balancing of rights. Who is harmed more, the couple denied a ceremony, or Lillian Ladele who has to perform a ceremony for people she does not like?

What precedent do you set? Does a driving test examiner have the right to refuse Muslims? Does a doctor have the right to refuse to treat immigrants?

That is the whole point of discrimination legislation. If you hang out your shingle to accept the general public, especially if you are the government, you may not turn people away based on race, religion, sexual orientation etc. especially if you don’t like them for religious or other superstitious bigoted reasons.

If a registrar wants to be a bigot, she should find employment in an institution where bigotry is legally protected and encouraged such as the Catholic church.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)