My Personal Story

My parents were nominal atheists, though my mom was superstitious, believing in ghosts, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), witches etc. I fairly quickly figured out that Santa Claus was a lie. To me God and Jesus were just more of the same BS. I read the Greek, Roman and Norse myths. I loved the stories, but I never once entertained the possibility they might be true. I named my pets after classic heroes.

My mom told me to stay away from Christians. Of course, as a teenager my rebellion took the form of sneaking out to visit churches to interview people about what and why they believed. I concluded they had not the first clue. They just had vague childhood ideas lingering on from childhood. Later in life I explored the JWs (Jehovah’s Witnesses) and the Muslims who were much clearer on the twaddle they ostensibly believed.

When I was 15 it dawned on me that I was gay. It had never occurred to me previously that there was anything wicked about my attractions for other boys. My parents harboured the same homophobia and misconceptions of our Christian neighbours. If I had not managed to become straights, I decided to commit suicide on my 21st birthday by lowering myself into the frozen Deeks mountain lake weighed down by rocks. As luck would have it, I met gay people and realised everything I had heard about gays was a lie. I wrote a book called A Guide for The Naïve Homosexual. All the people coming to visit me as a result of the book evolved into a gay lib group. My phone never stopped ringing with Christians swearing at me and threatening to kill me. I got about 350 calls a day. This lead me to very dim view of Christians, one I hold to this day.

I set up a website called I wrote many essays and snippets on why religion was false and evil. I also tackled related subjects like the Afghan and Iraq wars, gay lib, euthanasia and marijuana legalisation. My left-leaning views infuriated the American Christians who renewed their death threats.

There was never any question for me that Christianity, and religion in general, were nonsense. Only the stupidest people swallowed it and they had no arguments to support their belief. The claim that Jesus was any more plausible than Apollo struck me as too outrageous for words. It always seemed like Christians were pulling my leg. Nobody could seriously believe something that silly. My current thinking is Christians have been traumatised with threats of hellfire when they were too young or too distressed to think clearly. Clinging to Christianity has no rational content, no it is very hard to reason a Christian (or Muslim for that matter) out of his delusions.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)