Contrafactual Beliefs

Christians are well aware their beliefs are counter-to-fact. That is why they brazenly resort to lying and misrepresenting the opposition and other tricks of obfuscation. So what’s going on?

They believe the Christian story is untrue, but necessary to control other people’s behaviour.

I recall once a Christian saying to me What’s to stop you from raping and pillaging if it were not for fear of eternal torment after death? I replied, I have no desire to rape and pillage and I don’t think you do either. We like people. We don’t want to hurt them.

Maybe Christians have fleeting thoughts of raping and pillaging and they truly do believe the remote possibility of eternal torment is what holds them in check. Perhaps they secretly have become obsessed with the forbidden fruit of homosexuality. St. Paul seemed to think that once anyone had tried it they would never go back.

In summary, I think Christians are far more concerned about others abandoning Christian beliefs than they are concerned about their own doubts. They are not nearly as convinced of the literal truth of the bible as the pretend to be. They put on that show for social approval and for faking certainty in debate.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)