Christian Delusion

Consider these three delusions commonly found in Christians:

  1. They believe priests perform magic that causes a cracker to turns into raw human flesh, even though it still looks and tastes like a cracker.
  2. The creator of the universe wrote a book that betrayed a complete lack of knowledge of how the universe was constructed. He did not write it himself, he sent people dreams to inspire them to write it. In this book he called for thousands of categories of people to be killed, often stoned to death. However, the only time he really meant it was when he called for killing all gays.
  3. The creator of the universe wants you to pray to him if you get sick. Trying any other measure, even on the brink of death is extremely wicked. There can’t be any scripture against medicine. Modern medicine did not even exist at the time it was written.

People pretending to be ritual cannibals causes little harm. But dragging gays behind pick up trucks does. I don’t think we should tolerate this insanity. Churches that preach murder should be shut down, the pastors jailed and the assets confiscated. They are hate groups. People refusing their kids medical care are child abusers. They all belong in jail.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)