The Four Beliefs

Christians have four basic beliefs:

  1. A deity created the universe.
  2. The deity Yahweh wrote the bible, both old and new testaments.
  3. The bible is inerrant.
  4. The most important Christian duty is to harass, even beat up and kill, homosexuals in some sects.

To me, there is more than enough evidence to blast all four propositions out the water and no evidence whatsoever to support any of them. However, Christians have predecided to ignore such evidence, no matter how compelling because their mothers taught them they would be tortured for eternity if they considered it.

There are many Christians who no longer believe the bible to be inerrant. They no longer interpret it literally. Some Christians might still think Yahweh penned the bible, but the people taking dictation, transcribers and translators could have butchered it. Because there is no sign of any deity tweaking the running of the universe today, the notion that Yahweh created the universe, but from there it ran itself, including evolution, is slowly taking hold.

So I think as Christianity evolves, we will first see fading of belief in inerrancy, a belief that Yahweh penned the bible and finally a belief that a deity (not necessarily Yahweh) created the universe. Even then, with all supernatural beliefs discarded, many people will continue to bill themselves as Christians because they think that is what respectable people do. Without delusions, they will do no harm. They will primarily be the custodians of Easter and Christmas music festivals enjoyed by everyone.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)