Demented Evangelicals

Back in the middle ages, each church was convinced it alone had a handle on the truth and to defend that truth, they believed they needed to kill anyone who said otherwise. Pope Urban II sent Christians off to kill everyone, Jew, Muslim and Christian living in Jerusalem. King Henry VIII, with his state religion, tortured to death anyone who did not act sufficiently loyal to his new church. The Spanish Inquisition used some of the most fiendish tortures ever devised to punish heretics.

The founders of the USA decided they had to put a stop to this madness. They arranged an un-easy truce known as separation of church and state, where each religion would be left alone to indoctrinate its children with whatever nonsense they pleased, but in return they could not force their religion on others and the state would be legally bound not to impose any religion on the populace.

The evangelical religions are breaking this truce. They are attempting to enforce their strange, completely unsupported, religious dogmas about abortion, contraception, evolution, geology, astronomy, homosexuality and sex on everyone. They are trying to make it legal to bully homosexuals and even to bully children if they do it in the name of persecuting homosexuals. They want to persecute homosexuals and force them to marry people they have no attraction to.

But what is most bizarre of all is these loons are claiming religious persecution because everyone does not roll over and let them impose their religious beliefs on the entire country with force of law.

These people are out and out demented and dangerous. Look at their history! Their beliefs are irrational without any foundation or evidence. It is high time to take the gloves off and fight back. If they are going to behave that way, they should be forced to give up the right to spread their poisonous doctrines to their own children, in much the same way we would not permit skinhead parents to indoctrinate children in the hatred of Jews. They should be prosecuted and convicted of hate crimes. Their nutty beliefs should be ruthlessly ridiculed. They have not treated others with respect so they don’t deserve any back.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)