Newt Gingrich

I heard Newt Gingrich, famous Christian homophobic bigot, disgraced Republican and proffered presidential candidate rail against gay marriage using these three arguments:

Those arguments applied equally well to the abolishment of slavery, giving renters the vote, giving women the vote and the end of segregation. Those are the standard excuses of the privileged for refusing to grant equal status to a subjugated group or to oppose any change they resist for purely emotional reasons.

Gay couples have been raising children for decades. Scientists have studied those families and discovered the kids do just as well as children of mixed-sex couples and better than single parent families.

Denmark has allowed gay marriages since 1989. If something terrible happens when a county permits gay marriages, surely we would have heard of it by now since so many countries have already granted the right to marry to gays. The USA, in granting equal rights, would hardly be treading on unknown territory or performing some rash experiment. The USA is backward among developed nations in its delay in granting full equality to gays. It is mired in Christian superstition and myth more than any other developed country.

Newt Gingrich, like many Fundamentalist Christian Americans, believes it is the government’s job to impose Christian beliefs, values and superstitions on the general public, including its hysterical hatred of homosexuals (and blacks up until recently) and the belief in the inferiority of women. The American constitution makes quite clear this is not the government’s function. To the contrary, the government’s job is protecting people from Christians (or other fanatics) trying to force their religion down the throats of others. The founding fathers saw the bloodshed in Europe between religious factions. They were determined to make it safe to hold any religious beliefs imaginable in their new country.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)