There is an apocryphal Christian sect called the Bunyanites. Their keystone belief is that horse riding is wicked. They base this belief on a story about St. Paul of Bunyan who once rode upon an ox, the holy Babe, blue both in colour and disposition. This story appears in one of their anonymously written bible. They explain It is written that anyone consorting with horses must be whipped and stung with pismires. They show up at every horse show, riding school, western movie and rodeo to protest. They never present any evidence that horse riding is cruel, unhealthful, extravagant or energy inefficient. They just talk gleefully about the pismires. Where they exist in sufficient numbers, Bunyanites have managed to protect the children by banning all books from school libraries that either discuss or depict horses, ridden or potentially ridden. They sometimes burn alive people who ride horses. They lobby tirelessly to make horse riding or horse keeping a serious federal crime. Some adherents even picket the funerals of equestrians. What I find odd, is the way the media tolerate them, inviting them to every TV show remotely concerned with horses, just they way other Christian sects invariably get invited to shows on homosexuality, euthanasia and abortion where they similarly refuse to present any evidence for their views.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)