How do theocracies behave? Consider Saudi Arabia, the dark ages of Europe and modern day Israel. They tend to become more and more extremely fundamentalist over time, enforcing laws that have no secular purpose, that just enforce religious superstitions, e.g. sabbath death penalty for working in the yard. They tend to be less egalitarian, scapegoating gays, women and children. They tend to be anti science, technology and learning. They squelch divergent opinions. They have an exaggeratedly high opinion of themselves which they use to justify attacking neighbours and committing genocide. One sect imposes its views on all the others on pain death. Anything that contradicts the arbitrary dogma is grounds for execution. Dress codes are enforced.

What I find so odd is that so many Americans think they would prefer to live under a theocracy. I suppose they never consider the possibility of any sect but their own being in charge. Further, since they have never read the bible cover to cover, they have no idea what a nightmare they are signing up for if they opt for a return of the moral codes of 3000 years ago.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)