Refusal To Serve

Imagine somebody got a job in airport security. Part of the job required them to pat people down. Imagine they made a fuss and refused to pat down men, or children, or gays, or Hasidic Jews, or Muslims, or untouchable caste Hindus, or women wearing ha jibs… What would you do, make special provision to have someone on duty at all times to deal with the classes they found untouchable? What if that relief person also had an untouchable list? I think the only sensible way to deal with this is to fire the reluctant worker. They got the job under false pretences that they were willing to pat down everyone.

This same principle should apply to any job where the worker serves the public, e.g. waits food, bakes cakes, issues marriage licenses…

Christians think their silly superstitions trump the rights of everyone else. They imagine the universe is constrained to rearrange itself to accommodate them. These reasons to refuse service are arbitrary and silly. No one else should have to pay any attention to them.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)