Folly of Recruitment

Christians claim gays recruit straights to become gay. There is nothing you can do to a gay person to make them straight and nothing you can do to a straight to make them gay. Granted you can lock a heterosexual person in jail and they will make do with same sex partners, but they will still prefer an opposite sex partner. They did not become gay. They not come to prefer same sex partners. So… gays can’t recruit straights, even if they wanted to. The closest they could do is help in-the-closet gays meet other gays. Perhaps Christians imagine being gay is like belonging to a Satanic church and you are supposed to go door-to-door looking for converts. Christians often make being gay miserable. Even if recruiting were possible, gays would not do it. They wouldn’t want others to suffer too.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)