Right to Refuse Service to Gays/Blacks

People’s beliefs about marriage are coming under increasing attack and I am concerned about people’s freedom to speak and act upon these beliefs. I am a Christian, not just on a Sunday in church, but in every area of my life — as Jesus expects from his followers.

That’s all I was trying to do and I think it’s quite wrong to punish me for that, especially after enduring over two years of vile abuse and threats. We find this a strange justice in a society that aspires to be increasingly tolerant.

~ Susanne Wilkinson source

Michael Black and John Morgan made a reservation and paid a deposit to stay at the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire. When they got there, Wilkinson turned them away because they were gay. She is calling for people to be more tolerant of her intolerance. I wonder if she noticed how inconsistent that request was.