Christian Conceit

Christians believe in an invisible god who tells them through prophets, that they are better than everyone else. Surprise! He also reputedly tells them that they are free to vent their spleens in particular on gay people with harassment and even death. Only civil law blocks their fun.

In my grandfather’s time, this same god told them it was fitting to roast black people alive at public barbecues. Nazis believed they were better than everyone else and that they could vent their spleens on gays too. I don’t see how, in principle, Christians are any different from Nazis just in degree. However, if you look at the history of Christianity, Christians were far more cruel than any Nazis ever were. They invented the Art of Torture click to watch.

Ironically, Christians claim to follow the golden rule, which just proves their outrageous hypocrisy. The funny thing is they truly believe they are more moral than the people they spit on. To do that requires an astounding feat of denial.

For too long, we gays have let Christian pretend to hold the high moral ground, when it they not us who are behaving badly. As homo sapiens, we gays have every right to equality and to tell anyone who claims superior privilege or superior morality to get stuffed.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)