Why Fight Religion?

Why fight religion? For the same reason you treat someone in a mental hospital with paranoid schizophrenia. They are in a hell, terrified of imaginary demons/gods. Christians are just as crazy. We don’t usually treat them as ill simply because they are so numerous. We are compassionately relieving them of paranoid delusions.

Christians are deluded that the creator of the universe wants them to murder gays. They are as whacko as Muslims who feel obligated to kill anyone not in their sect.

Christians are dangerous because they believe that the creator of the universe put them in charge of everyone’s sex life, birth control, organ donation and transplants, end-of-life decisions, recreational drug/alcohol use… They are insufferable meddlers.

Christians try to infect the young with their nutty ideas by corrupting the education system. They are not content with brainwashing their own kids.

Christians have a suicide wish, trying to take the entire planet down by blocking all attempts at controlling climate change. They think concern for the environment is devil worship.

If Christians did not meddle, did not try to impose their delusions on others, then there would be a case for just letting them be, but they don’t. They are more dangerous that ordinary lunatics because they act in concert and effectively pull the levers of political power.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)