Death Threats

If a stranger calls you up and says he is planning to kill you, this is much less to worry about than you might imagine. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) points out that threateners rarely kill and killers rarely warn.

In my days in Gay Lib, I received an average of 300 abusive phone calls and 3 death threats a day. I had to buy a heavy duty answering machine when my first one caught fire from the constant load. Callers were upset about by views promoting gay equality. The only seriously scary event in the span of several years was a gang that came and banged on my house with baseball bats.

Lowell Green, a right wing talk show host in Ottawa, gave out my home phone, home address and website and asked his listeners to harass me. They phoned at all hours of the day and night for a few days threatening to kill me, but nothing further happened. He was upset about my opposition to the Afghan war in particular a letter to a dead soldier I had posted. If I had not been hardened before by the such threats, the calls would have been frightening.

In contrast, I have been shot at 5 times on visits to the USA in incidents that had nothing to do with be being gay, just the American penchant for shooting people for fun and committing robberies.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)