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bug chaser
An HIV- (Human Imumuno-deficiency Virus Negative (virus free)) guy who deliberately has bare back sex with HIV (Human Imumuno-deficiency Virus) + guys to get it over with, possibly as a form of suicide, or just so he can stop worrying about catching HIV and let it all hang out. He is unaware there are lots more things to worry about if you are HIV+ (Human Imumuno-deficiency Virus Positive (infected)) that don’t concern you when you are HIV-. These people are extremely rare. Far more common is the wishful thinker who for some nutty reason (divine protection, a healthy constitution, no problem so far, AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome) is not real…) thinks he will be able to have bareback sex and not become infected.
personal HIV story before you decide on this option
safe sex

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