Imagine that thousands of people converged on the Golden Gate bridge, and jumped off. A team of rescuers using hang gliders, attempted to catch them and break their fall. As soon as they were rescued, they climbed up and jumped off again. This was not an ordinary suicide. They were jumping for the extreme thrill and danger, knowing fully well it was only a matter of days until they died.

This is roughly what is happening with the fentanyl epidemic. Addicts are overdosing on purpose because of the extreme thrill. They know it what they are doing will inevitably kill them.

The problem is the government and the rescue teams are labouring under the delusion that these overdoses are accidental.

If people are this eager to kill themselves, I don’t think anything we do is going to deter them. All we can do is teach people to avoid trying fentanyl in the first place.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)