Buying Politicians in North America

Buying Politicians in North America
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Corporations can legally donate unlimited amounts to bribe politicians if they donate via PACs (Political Action Committees). This is a relatively new rule. Corporations are using it to rapidly consolidate control of sufficient politicians to get any bill they want passed. Only individuals are allowed to make political donations. It is illegal for corporations to donate to politicians.
You can buy an individual congressman or senator’s vote. That is no guarantee that will be sufficient to get a bill passed. Buying individual votes is practical only when the vote is close and you only have to buy a handful of politicians to tip the balance. However, some lobbies are so well funded they can afford to buy almost an entire party. Eddie Murphy spoofed the process in his brilliant movie The Distinguished Gentleman. You can’t buy an individual member of parliament’s vote because their vote is constrained by party discipline.
If you managed to buy the president of the USA, all you would have bought is the veto (yes or no). Legislation must be introduced and passed by the House of Representatives and Senate. However, if you are an arms dealer, military contractor or the like, you could buy the extension to a war or starting a new one and perhaps even some emergency no bid contracts. If you managed to buy the Prime Minister of Canada, you would have control of the country, if he had a majority. You can write the legislation by proxy. He has the power to constrain all the votes of his party. This is apparently how big oil managed to take over the Canadian government.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)