Deciding Who Are the Good Guys

Did you ever wonder how people decide which side of a conflict has the moral correctness? Germans WWII (World War II) believed the Nazis were the good guys. Americans believe America is 100% justified in its wars even though American attacked nations unprovoked such as Viet Nam, Grenada, Afghanistan and Iraq, tore up the Geneva conventions, used banned weapons and used torture. They believe Americans are superior beings and any atrocity is justified to counter any threat, actual or potential. People are very primitive in how they decide. They do not analysis. They go with the home team, no matter how abominably it has behaved. Israelis think their invasion of Palestine and the apartheid police state they set up is fully justified. The Palestinians think that the suicide bombers are a legitimate tool to oust the invaders. Very rarely do you find someone who notices how badly their side is behaving. This even applied in the civil war where people picked sides mainly by geography.

Looked at objectively, America has behaved far worse that any terrorists. Terrorists kill in the 100s, sometimes 1000s. American kill and torture in the millions.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)