Syria Options

Obama has 4 basic options to deal with Syria:

  1. Do nothing. This is what Canada, Britain, Russia and China want to do. This option would be very difficult for Obama’s machismo.
  2. Do some token damage. The problem is Assad would just retaliate with more gas attacks. Since the security council has vetoed military intervention, this and the following two options are illegal.
  3. Wipe out Syria’s ability to produce or deliver poison gas. The problem is, releasing it will kill all sorts of people as a side effect. Further, Assad could just go after his people with different types of atrocity.
  4. Wipe out Assad. This will create chaos. Assad has relatives just as sadistic as he is who will take over.

This strikes me as a no-win situation. I personally find Assad an insufferable prick. I hope whatever happens disables him from creating further suffering. All Obama can do is pick the least bad option, the option that kills the fewest innocent people.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)