Americans as Mad Bronson

Imagine one of those Charles Bronson revenge flics where the plot goes like this: Somebody kills Bronson’s wife. He can’t find the guy who did it, but he is pretty sure the guy was a Lutheran. He then sets outs to kill 100 Lutherans a day for at least 15 years. He starts out just mowing down entire congregations with a machine gun, but then he shifts to torturing them to death en masse in his secret dungeon and using terror weapons banned even in warfare including radioactive and biological weapons, attempting to violate every principle in the Geneva Conventions. Oddly, the news media fall in love with his romantic quest and call him a hero fighting for justice. Bronson is a Vulcan compared with the over-the-top, insane revenge response to 2001-09-11 that Americans are indulging in.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)