Intermediate Forms

On 1859-11-24, when Darwin wrote Origin Of Species a relatively few fossils had been found. Darwin’s evidence for evolution was not fossil based. However, Darwin predicted that in future many intermediate fossil forms would be found. He turned out to be right. Thousands of them were found. In particular, paleontologists found a continuous evolutionary set for whales, horses and humans. This is both strong evidence for evolution and strong evidence against creationism which claims species were created in their current form and never change. The discovery of intermediate forms was one of the major confirmations of his theory. In addition, we have an absolute record of the evolution of diatoms, year by year. Creationists pretend there are no intermediate fossils, no matter how many times you correct them or point them to photos of them. Their objection to evolution has nothing to do with science. The existence of intermediate forms blows their religious superstitions out the water.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)