Religion Correlates With Economic Inequality

One of the world’s leading scientists, Richard Dawkins, noted that religion correlates with economic inequality. Where there is more economic inequality there is more religion and where is less religion there is more economic equality.

This is as you would expect. Elites designed religions for the purpose of enhancing and preserving their privilege. They convince the gullible poor to endure their lot without protest because an angry god created the universe as it is and likes things the way they and the poor must have offended him is some way, so that is why they suffer and if they disturb the social order he will torture them.

Further, they must tithe to the priestly class. Religion is a scam to promote social inequality. Religion is the [effective] opium of the people. Watch how angry the con men get when you expose their ancient scams. I wonder if the Nigerian 914 scam will ever evolve to the status of a religion.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)