Primitive Religion

Early man (and primitive societies today) had no science. They invariably made up stories to explain their world. These stories were always populated by gods and spirits. Some of these stories were morality tales. Some explained the origin of the world. Some explained the natural forces. You could say the body of these stories formed a miniature religion. Most of these were local to a small band and have died out. We know of about 60,000 of them, and that is not counting the 43,000 Christian denominations.

A war-like tribe in the middle east created one of these mini local religions promoting their polytheistic war god to a monotheistic god which they imposed by conquest on their neighbours. Their god was not a universal god, but a god of the tribe, who taught them they were god’s chosen people and as such owned title to all their neighbour’s land and property and could be legitimately killed or enslaved. By a strange fluke, a Roman emperor became enamoured of a minor sect of this religion, and made it the official state religion where it grew to become the most popular religion on earth. Modern day Christians refuse to acknowledge their religion’s humble beginnings. They forget, it was just one of thousands. It has no more claim to ultimate truth than any of the others. They just assume there is no god except Yahweh and no religion except Christianity without any evidence or reason. They arrogantly pretend the other religions do not exist and have no legitimacy.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)