Other Gods

Humans have worshipped 60,000 gods. Christians and Muslims dismiss them all out of hand, without even so much as a glance. Many atheists like myself have read the bible and the Qur’an cover to cover. I have been trying to understand these religions for 54 years. That is a pretty exhaustive examination, much deeper than most Christians undertake, yet Christians complain that I tossed Christianity away without a fair shot. Look at all the religions Christians discarded without any examination at all. From where I stand, Christianity is even more absurd than Zeus worship. Yet Christians claim their religion is head and shoulders above all other religions. They claim it is absurd to even compare them even though they know absolutely nothing about them. They must have some magic glasses that makes Christianity glow. What I see, it is just another shoddy religion. Christians are effectively asserting they shit solid gold turds. The conceit is monumental.

In debate, Christians argue for the existence of some sort of deity, then claim that proves Yahweh and Jesus exist, along with every biblical claim. It never occurs to them some other deity might exist. Christians are so American in their approach. Americans think their country is #1 and no other country has any value whatsoever and deserves no consideration.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)