Rocks Into Spiders

One creationist said that he could not believe a rock could turn into a spider. Nobody said it did. Evolution is not about how life originated, but, once it originated, how it evolved. And further the scientists working on the origin of life, would expect the first life would be incredibly primitive, even compared with a bacterium. It would not start with a spider any more that the first aircraft was a Skybus.

Oddly, this man’s preferred explanation is that a lump of dust turned into a man and a rib turned into a woman (albeit at the command of a sky fairy). His explanation strikes me as even more absurd and improbable than his straw man.

Further, the universe is not limited by this man’s intuition on what is possible. That is not how to determine truth. Look at the evidence. The universe is mind boggling far more so even than the sky fairy’s alleged deeds.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)