Deprogramming Christians

Why do theists use such stupid arguments to defend the existence of Yahweh and the tenets of Christianity? Basically because they can’t think of any convincing ones. You would think the lack of arguments would persuade them they must be wrong. But when they were very young their mothers burned it into their liquid brains that even questioning the Christian faith guaranteed an eternity of being burned alive. Their brains later congealed making it impossible to remove this belief by ordinary reasoning. They feel compelled to defend Christianity’s claims, no matter how absurd, on pain of torture. For 900 years after Constantine, the threat of torture for questioning Christianity was carried out on earth. The threat of torture has a long history of being completely convincing.

Christianity is not an ordinary belief. We should look at it as like the result of brain washing endured by a POW in North Korean camp. It will not go away by simple reasoning. It must be deprogrammed like any other traumatically-installed belief. Unfortunately, such a procedure would be highly unpleasant and very few Christians would understand the benefits of subjecting themselves to it. Pretty much the only people who escape Christianity are those so curious as children, that even the threat of hellfire was not sufficient to extinguish their inquisitiveness. Eventually, that curiosity leads them to read the bible cover to cover. That takes them half way to atheism.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)