The Trump Assassination

Several countries attempted to assassinate Hitler. The USA attempted to assassinate Castro, even though he had done nothing to the USA and was no threat to them. It was just a grudge over Castro nationalising the property of rich Cubans shortly after the revolution.

Trump is a climate change denier. He appointed Mike Pence, a fellow denier, as VP (Vice President) and Scott Pruitt, yet another climate change denier, as head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and Rick Perry, yet another climate change denier, as head of the DOE (Department Of Energy).

As far as I know, no other country is run by climate change deniers. Some of those countries are sinking beneath the waves as we speak. Others in Africa are rapidly losing farmland to drought and extreme heat. Developed countries can project where climate change is going.

Trump is much more dangerous than Hitler ever was. Hitler could kill millions and make us speak German. Trump will make the entire world uninhabitable with his policies. It will become a matter of self-defence for all those countries to either assassinate Trump or drive him from office by hook or by crook.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)