The Male Bimbo

A parable: There was once a man who sold one of his kidneys for $50,000 US. He was very enthusiastic about this as a way of earning money. He was planning to sell his organs one by one. His friends pointed out, Don’t be an idiot. You can’t donate your other kidney or your heart or your liver. You will die! You are such a worry wart! I read on the Internet you don’t need any of your internal organs. Senator Jim Inhofe and Dick Cheney both survive without a heart. No they don’t. That is just a figure of speech. They don’t even have artificial hearts. By the time I sell my heart they will have perfected artificial ones. You can always count on scientists to invent anything we need.

This parable is about twits who want to continue using fossil fuels even in the knowledge it will be fatal. They just can’t give up the money.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)