Hard Done By Americans

Even though Americans pay some of the lowest taxes in the world, (rich people often pay none), they feel hard done by. They believe, ideally, there should be no taxes, except to pay for the military. Of course, that means you have to send your kids to private schools and pay the $1000+ a month fees. You have to hire your own security guards since there would be no police. You would have to arrange with the neighbours on what you would do if there was a fire. Nobody would clean or maintain the roads. Nobody would remove the snow from sidewalks or roads. People would just leave cars on the road totalled in accidents. You would have to hire someone to haul away your garbage. Your butcher could fudge the scales and sell rotten beef or pad the hamburger with sawdust. It would be up to you to convince him to play fair. Your sewer would back up without anyone to maintain it. It could be pretty costly, lawless and filthy much like living in medieval times.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)