Riddles as Proof of God

Creationists often fool their debating opponents into accepting a ridiculous notion — if they come up with any question you personally do not know the answer to, that is evidence Yahweh/Jesus exists. They might as well be claiming it is proof that Star Trek’s Q and the continuum created the universe or that they were ten feet tall. There is no connection.

It could well be somebody knows the answer, just not their opponent. As science progresses, we uncover new questions far faster than we can answer them. It is only dough-brained Christians that plug every unanswered question with a god did it answer and declare the problem solved. They pretend they are not even curious about how god did it. In contrast, a scientist is honest. He does not pretend to know for certain, even when he is fairly sure.

Creationists pretend they know everything when in actuality they know far less than anyone else. They strive hard to know less than ignorant desert dwellers did 3000 years ago. They carefully avoid observing the universe or reading the works of those who have in case it might lead them to question their holy book.

Every problem we as a species have solved so far turned out to have perfectly ordinary causes. Why would unsolved problems be any different? Creationists like to pretend all unsolved problem can only be explained by Yahweh (and why that particular god?)

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)