Burden of Proof

Christians get very upset when I tell them that those claiming something exists have the burden of proof to show it exists. Sometimes I take pity on them, and show them some arguments why god does not exist. If that does not work, I give them another set.

It is absurd they do not accept the burden of proof. Consider some dingbat who claims there are leprechauns living in his back yard. He refuses to present any evidence for them. He claims it is up to me to prove they do not exist. By that reasoning, by default, leprechauns exist, as do micro hippos that live in your closet and eat lint, as do pothole demons that create potholes when no one is looking, as do iridescent unicorns, as do 0.91 tonne (1 ton) koi, as do 60.96 cm (2 ft) diameter bright blue spiders that hide in couches, as do… until someone can figure out a way to prove they do not exist.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)