Why Yahweh Is Not the Designer

Most creationists know almost nothing of science. They are just one step above the cave man postulating a thunder god to explain thunder. There is nothing terribly mysterious about the universe nowadays we don’t have a good hypothesis for. We don’t need a god to explain the workings of the universe any more.

The design creationists imagine they see is crawling with bungling. It has so many mistakes it could not possibly be the work of something with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) higher than human. It is the work of something with IQ about 1, with no planning ability, with no foresight, that works simply by trying minor variants on what it has already done — namely evolution and natural selection taking hundreds of thousands of generations for even the most trivial improvement. There are no wheels in nature, because evolution is too stupid to stepwise evolve them, not because God hates wheels. If Yahweh were the designer, there would not be thousands of prototypes. He would poof animals fully formed in final, unchanging, perfect form, as the bible claims.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)