American Military Spending

America spends almost as much on its military as the rest of the world put together. It spends just as much when it not at war as when it is. Why? The general population are paranoid, but that is because they have been manipulated. Part of the reason is simply bureaucratic bloat. Everything is secret so nothing can be questioned. The oversight of Pentagon spending is so lax a trillion dollars went missing presumably embezzled in the greatest heist of all time. It was reported only on the back pages of the New York Times. But the real reason is corruption. Consider that Cheney was accepting residuals from Halliburton, even while he was in office. George H. W. Bush was a major owner of the major defence contractor the Carlyle Group during the time his son was president. These companies were awarded no-bid contracts. They were able to charge ten times the going rate for goods and services. Other contractors gave contributions to senators and congressmen in return for votes for weapons are not needed, or too keep obsolete weapons systems funded. I find it peculiar that the American in the street imagines every penny of that expenditure is absolutely necessary for his survival. The average citizen is far more likely to die as a result of crumbling infrastructure, poisoned water supply, leaking sewage treatment, understaffed hospitals, contaminated food, dangerous materials recycling… than he would by a foreign invasion. Yet he won’t spend a dime protecting himself from domestic dangers.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)