Strong Atheists

I am a strong atheist. Not only do I assert there is insufficient evidence to claim a god exists (weak atheist), I assert there is no god. Apologists say I would have to know everything about the universe to be able to say that. However, I do not have to know everything about the universe to confidently tell you that leprechauns are fictitious. Why should I treat gods any differently?

I can recognise a tall tale. Recognising a counterfeit, a con, a phony, a lie or a myth has nothing do with knowing what is going on in the far reaches of the universe. There is nothing in the least supernatural about deciding if humans made up the gods. Oddly, Christians agree with me that in 99.99…% of the cases, they did. We disagree on only one case — Christianity. Deciding if gods exist is actually all about the mundane: whether ordinary humans told unusually bold lies.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)