I listen to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) call-in shows about the environment. There are many callers who basically say Fuck the environment. I want jobs. They should shoot all the tree-huggers. What that really means is Fuck my future! Fuck my children! Fuck my grandkids! I don’t care if they die. I don’t care if there is anywhere to live cooler than Cairo. I don’t care if my kids have to live in a sewer. I don’ care if they can get jobs. I want jobs now!. Every other animal will happily sacrifice its life to ensure the well-being of its offspring. These folk are pathologically selfish.

U If they thought ahead a bit, they would be saying Protect the earth that is the source of all jobs. Give me jobs that will be around for my entire life not these pipeline construction jobs that will be gone in five years or jobs in the sunset fossil fuel industry. Let’s stop doing stupid things like burning fossil fuels and cranking up the earth’s temperature to make life impossible for coming generations..

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)