Lusting After the Unattainable

You may have the misfortune of being strongly attracted to a physical type who has much higher status than you, e.g. better hung, younger, taller, handsomer, more athletic… These high status people won’t give you the time of day. How have other people handled this?
Technique Disadvantages
Gifts of food, accommodation, money, travel, clothes… to compensate their partner for tolerating their lower status. As soon as the gifts stop, your lover leaves. You are not loved for yourself. As soon as a richer rival shows up, your lover is gone.
Become famous. As soon as the fame wanes, your lover leaves. You are not loved for yourself. As soon as a more famous rival shows up, your lover is gone.
Find a partner with the desired characteristic, but with some defect that lowers their overall status, e.g. older, blind or in a wheelchair. Such a person will likely still consider themselves to have much higher status than you.
Convince yourself you don’t need these attractive attributes after all. A relationship with someone of equal status will be much less stressful. This is quite hard to do, but not impossible. See Living Love Methods for how to do it. This is my personal approach. You can monitor your progress by googling the names of older actors. Google will show you pictures of them at a wide variety of ages. The younger pictures will tend to appear bland and without uniqueness. The crags on older faces will tend to appear more interesting, suggesting depth and intelligence. It will also teach you than a fresh face only keeps for a few years.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)